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33,363 notes, well done society

57,307 funny….. You guys are all beautiful

68,507 is too big :(

74,403 think completely wrong about their selves 

92, 082 no guys stop :(

125.387 People reblogged this, but i can’t even find one ugly person

296, 615 beautiful faces, bodies, minds and souls that have been tragically currupted by society’s definition of ‘beauty’.

3hundredfucking4THOUSAND! :’c…

462 thousand…….


130903 fanacc @TLJ | Shooter

The first time I went to order, Hyukjae got this toy gun and he was “shooting” fans with it, so when it was my turn, he started “shooting” at me and I started laughing, but he looked at me and shaked his head like "no…" then he shot me again but I kept laughing cause it was so funny so he was like "no! no!" but I couldn’t stop laughing and I told him "I can’t! I can’t" while laughing and he replied "reality! reality!" *in English* (he was trying to tell me that I had to act with like it was real lmao)
So he shot himself and @bluebada_ and me started laughing at him and then he shot me again and I tried to "act" but failed and laughing. So then he said “Look at me!” and he shot himself again and acted like he was hurt.  And then he laughed and told me "Here you gooo!" (like "now is your turn!”)*in English again* 
So he shot me and I acted, but I did it well this time, so he shouted "OK!!" and he raised his hand to do hi5 and said "Yeah!”, so we hi5ed! 

fanacc: turtlecloud | photo by: :大叔麻烦来个大饼加一切

Why u hyukkie

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